Member Benefits

  1. NCCI will speak on your behalf on issues affecting your business.
  2. You will join forces with other businesses to push for an improved business environment.
  3. You will have an opportunity to influence government policies and legislations.
  4. You will have an opportunity to get information about laws and policies affecting you.
  5. You will have a platform to make your views on business matters known to the government and stakeholders.
  1. Networking opportunities through NCCI events.
  2. Listing on the NCCI Membership Directories.
  3. You will receive regular information on trade and investment opportunities.
  4. Will have an opportunity to participate in business missions organised or received by NCCI and partners.
  5. Opportunity to get useful business contacts.
  6. Opportunity to participate in NCCI demand driven training programs.
  7. Receive trade enquiries received by NCCI.
  8. Opportunity to participate in NCCI umbrella pension and medical aid schemes.
  9. Receive referrals for services by other service providers.