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Advocacy and Research

The NCCI speaks on behalf of Namibia's private sector to promote a fair and competitive business environment throughout the country.

Our research and advocacy team works together with policymakers to ensure the interests of businesses are represented. This includes economic policy review and reporting, influencing new legislation on behalf of the private sector, and giving firms a unifying voice in Parliament. The Chamber also organizes regular consultative meetings with political leaders in order to keep the public sector abreast of issues affecting the business community. These events are open to all members, providing an excellent opportunity to connect and network with key decision-makers.

Our Advocacy and Research Services
  • Monitoring Legislation and the Policy Environment
  • Articulating Members' Concerns
  • Issue-Based Committees
  • Data Collection and Dissemination

We deliver these services through meetings/stakeholder engagements, surveys, print/radio/social media, and direct inquiries. If you have any questions or would like to discuss policy issues, please contact our Research and Advocacy department at

Our Advocacy Philosophy

We aspire to make a real difference and to deliver real results.
NCCI's Advocacy and Research aims to create an atmosphere in which anyone can do business, gain business, and/or share business.

The goal is to create a hospitable business climate for all. Therefore, we will NOT:
  • Offer preferential treatment for one company, business sector, or individual
  • Influence legislation to help satisfy one's specific day-to-day business activities. (unless these obstacles are indicative of a larger problem plaguing the business community at large)
  • Provide members with daily problem-solving services related to conducting routine business transactions or settling disputes between members and the government. (To resolve such matters, members should obtain the services of lawyers, collection agencies, and/or consultants)

The work of the Chamber is to focus on matters of common good amongst our membership and the greater Namibian business community. We need to maintain a neutral position in matters of competition between members and always focus on the regulations and rules of competition, not on single interests. In order to build trust and confidence in our organization, we will protect the confidentiality of information shared and will act in a nondiscriminatory way towards any and all of our stakeholders.

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